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Chemical resistance (MRL)

Safe Pack Company tracks the requests and demands for the residue and is in close contact with her customers.
You must understand the tolerance of the products on the produce can change on a regular basis and you must follow the relevant internet web sites to ensure precision.
Search the data basis for demands on the –MRL, in countries to whom you export.


The laboratory for development and cooling in Kiryat Shmona –

The laboratory for cooling or in its trade name "The Company for research and cooling development and storage of fruit Kiryat Shmona LTD" deals with research and development of the condition of treatments in fruit and vegetables post-harvest.
The entire crops in which the company deals with in research includes almost every kind of fruit grown in the country and a limited number of vegetables.
The research fields we deal with are physiology and pathology of fresh agricultural produce and includes the teaching of the state of the optimal ripening for the storage and marketing, temperature of storage, the commands of the controlled atmosphere in the sealed rooms or the passive packaging, decomposition Pesticide and more.
The main purpose of the research laboratory is to allow the prolonging of storage and maximal marketing while keeping and maintaining a quality of produce.

The laboratory publishes her works on their web site, research and articles

The main activity of the Lab for the research and quality of produce and agriculture is the field of treatment and preservation of a variety of agricultural fresh produce or dry and food from the wild and plant which are meant for human consumption and animal feed or for ornamentation purposes, all in the aim of prolonging the shelf life of the products that are aimed at export and the local market, while keeping the quality, safety and nutritional value.

In this way our institute works to promote the Israeli agriculture and contributes to the well fair of the farmer and the general public across the country.

The Lab is considered a one of a kind in its field and its big advantage is driven from the wide range of important research fields under one roof, this gives us the ability to cooperate fruitfully between the different research teams.


Foreign sources-

The department of storage at the University of UC Davis California-

The UC Davis University has a large internet web site with a wide range of knowledge on different matters concerning storage of fruit and vegetables.

The storage department in Florida University –

The University of Florida supplies excellent information for growers and packing houses for postharvest treatments.

The web site includes up to date information of research projects, as well as links to important sources in the storage of fresh produce.