Decco SafePack F&Q - Decco SafePack

Q: What is the tolerance for the residue on our products?
The tolerance for the residue matter id different worldwide, each country defines the tolerance for residue.
It's important to understand that the tolerance for residue can change from time to time. That’s way it's important to recognize clearly the tolerances and residue before the implementation of every shipment of treated fruit.
An international database is available for the maximum use on every fruit.

Q: Do all of your products have a license for the use on food products?
All SafePack products are licensed by government offices like the Ministry of Health, Public Health Services Food control Services Central office, as we are an international company a large part of our products are licensed in Europe (EU) and in the United States by the EPA and the FDA as well, our factory in Israel works under the meticulous and strict sanitation circumstances while abiding fully to the regulations of the- GMP we can supply a full documentation by demand.