Decco SafePack R&D - Decco SafePack

The R & D team of Safepack Company is responsible for product development, chemical technologies and analytical methods and has been working with fellow scientists in Israel and abroad. The Development team is involved in several areas, including biological testing, development and manufacturing processes and chemical development. Connections are with the chemical research community /growers in Israel and around the world.
Development of agricultural uses
The aim of the work is to develop unique applications for different products in agriculture in Israel and worldwide. The development work is done by the agronomists company's field staff in conjunction with local experts in them of Safepack (Decco) is active. The company has close contact and cooperation with growers, guides in the ministries of agriculture and researchers at universities, in carrying out development work.
Development in chemistry
Safepack Company develops chemical processes to enable production preparations in a unique process that will give it an advantage over its competitors. The company also develops and finds new substances and new methods in chemistry.
The above area director is Uri Bach, he is the chief chemist of Safepack Ltd.