Decco SafePack Quality Policy - Decco SafePack

Safepack Products Ltd. (the Company) is engaged in R & D, production and marketing of agricultural chemicals and plant protection. Products are mainly for the domestic market and for export to other countries. Other areas of interest are industrial chemicals such as special coatings for the Plastic industry.
The Company's management considers its product quality strategic goal of utmost importance intended to ensure fulfillment needs of its customers in Israel and abroad and thus achieve the complete satisfaction of its customers.
The Company's management is committed to meet the demands of its customers, national and international standards and the accepted norms relevant to the market on its products. The company purchases raw materials from suppliers who have proper quality system approved for this purpose by the competent officials in the company.
The quality system at Safepack is on and implemented cross-managers and employees, who follow the principles of self-control. All this, while constantly striving to improve production processes and central management company, improved equipment and technology and improving product quality.
To emphasize its commitment to, and give it practical expression, the management company has established and maintains an ongoing basis, effective quality management system built according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 quality systems and expending the quality systems to ISO 14001 environmental management system and health and safety SI 1800, during 2015.
The Company's management guides all employees adhere quality policies, and to maintain the quality system as defined by the procedures, instructions and other documents. This Directive is addressed to all managers and all employees of the company, both production and R & D departments and departments of trade, aid and services procurement.