Decco SafePack History - Decco SafePack

The first name in postharvest protection
The idea of postharvest protection products began with DECCO in the early 1930’s.
At the time, the company was a division of Wallace & Tiernan, whose innovation in chlorinated water systems made drinking water safe for tens of millions of people
Researchers experimenting with nitrogen trichloride – a byproduct of another Wallace & Tiernan manufacturing process – discovered that the compound killed mold spores and bacteria on citrus fruit, prolonging shelf life. And a new industry was born.
DECCO Post-Harvest, Inc. soon began marketing a full line of washes and waxes for fruits and vegetables.

Since 1932, growers and packers around the world have trusted DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc. with the fruits of their labor. DECCO coatings, cleaners, sanitizers, fungicides and storage treatments for fruits and vegetables help growers and packers realize the highest value from their products.

During the 1950’s DECCO Post-Harvest, Inc. also manufactured a complete line of produce handling equipment: conveyors, baggers, sorters, and graders. Although we no longer manufacture equipment, this legacy has given us a unique understanding of processing, so that DECCO products meet the demands of today’s equipment and applications.
Today, research is still one of the great strengths that drives DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc. forward. We’re working on advanced formulations, and new ideas to help growers and packers get the most value, longest life, and the best return on investment for their fresh fruits and vegetables