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Welcome to , Part of the global DECCO family

Welcome to , products Part of the global DECCO family

Safepack products, named also DeccoIsrael, is an Israeli company established in 1960. The company is a part of Decco World Wide which is the post-harvest division of United Phosphorus Limited (UPL).  Safepack products are professionals in postharvest treatments, our products treat more than 90% of Israeli fresh fruit market with exports to Europe the Far East. Our products have significantly contributed to the reduction of food waste along the food supply chain, from the field through to the packaging and till the consumers.

To complete the product portfolio – advanced laboratory services (GC-MS, LC) and microbiology.
The products are offered to our customers after careful testing and are licensed as required


Smart Solutions

Smart protection

Global patent

Among our products


Extend fruit/vegetable life

Technology and products to prolong the shelf life of the agricultural produce...


Before the harvest

The treatment of agricultural produce by means of use in technology and different products in order to prolong...


Extend fruit/vegetable life

We produce products that are environmentally friendly, and the reduction of the use of chemicals


Storage Solutions

Solutions for the storage of agricultural produce and obtaining the optimal results...


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